Lord Jack Knife from Valencia, rated one of the world's best barbers, is known as a legendary educator in the barber community. In recent years he's been travelling the world to teach the craft. Despite his young age, Lord Jack Knife has more than 15 years of experience. In addition to being responsible for recruitment and teaching at PelsPels, he is also the one who ensures that each customer will have a treatment of superior quality.

Whether you are looking for a signature haircut, beard trim or his famous 14-step gourmet hot towel shaves, we'll guarantee that you will be pleased. To watch him at work is a pleasant show, inspired by the body position of bullfighting, where not only performing it good is enough, every movement is accompanied by elegance and art.

Spoken Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian.

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upcoming calendar:

2nd - 19th aug 2017 @ schüszler oslo

20th - 21st aug 2017 @ international barber awards U.K. qualifying

22nd - 31st aug 2017 @ vacation

1st - 13th sep 2017 @ schüszler oslo

14th - 20th sep 2017 @ ljk international (málaga, spain)

21st - 30th sep 2017 @ schüszler oslo

1st - 5th oct 2017 @ schüszler oslo



The ITAlian shave

The traditional wet shave performed in one stroke.

Quick but handcrafted, soft and effective. Approximately: 30'


The british shave

A 2 strokes signature shave which consists of several hot towels, choice of a shaving cream, aftershave balm, aftershave splash and cologne. Approximately: 45'


The LJK shave

A ritual for man who like to get a face skin treatment while getting a traditional 2 strokes hot towel shave with the 14 steps shaving technique. Approximately: 60′


The LJK ultimate shave

Are you ready for this?

Scalp massage, face massage, face skin treatment and 2 strokes hot towel shave. Approximately: 75´





Lord Jack Knife is well known in the barber branch as maniac perfectionist, what he does in every haircut is almost sculpture. He analyzes head shape, hair texture and facial morphology to create a perfect harmony between his work and his clients. His trade mark are the men's cuts classically inspired, however he is also happy to perform extremely creative styles. Approximately: 60'



For those men who loves to feel a smooth sensation on the scalp. A great treatment with hot towel, shaving oil and soap, after shave lotion, cold towel and refreshing splash. Approximately: 35'






When you want both your hair and beard/face to look great! Approximately: 90'


Combo II: Head Shave + Beard Trim or clean shave

When you want to shave your head and get your beard fixed. Approximately: 60'



The Boatswain - Mustache trim

A perfect mustache grooming to keep your class on board. Clipper trim and scissor definition with a final styling. Approximately: 15′


The Fisherman - Beard trim

A complete beard trim with clipper and scissor to bring you a natural style. What others call mess, you call distinction. Approximately: 30′



The Sailor - Trim + contour shave

Perfect beard trim and clean-shaven cheeks and cut-throat. For those who leave the pier to enlist into the deep ocean, this tribute will give you the courage you'll need to furrow the seas. Approximately: 40′


The Captain - Beard styling

Is time to anchor, have a walk on land, and show the crew who rules. Get a well-balanced beard trim, a straight razor shape up and a moisturizing treatment with beard wash, beard cosmetics and styling to keep your facial hair respected and mighty. Approximately: 50′



The Admiral - Full treatment

If you usually treat your beard as a Captain, you must try this exclusive upgrade for your facial hair. Our delicate beard trim made with clipper and scissors, a smooth shape up around with straight razor and an exclusive treatment for your beard with scrub brush, beard wash, beard conditioning, skin massage, application of exclusive beard oils or beard balms and finally, a professional styling to make your beard looking great. Approximately: 60'