Lord Jack Knife from Valencia, rated one of the world's best barbers, is known as a legendary educator in the barber community. In recent years he's been travelling the world to teach the craft. Despite his young age, Lord Jack Knife has more than 15 years of experience. In addition to being responsible for recruitment and teaching at PelsPels, he is also the one who ensures that each customer will have a treatment of superior quality.

Whether you are looking for a signature haircut, beard trim or his famous 14-step gourmet hot towel shaves, we'll guarantee that you will be pleased. To watch him at work is a pleasant show, inspired by the body position of bullfighting, where not only performing it good is enough, every movement is accompanied by elegance and art.

Spoken Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian.

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upcoming calendar:

1st - 14th feb 2018 @ Schüszler oslo

15th - 20th feb 2018 @ málaga (spa) // barber seminars

21st - 24th feb 2018 @ schüszler oslo

25th & 26th feb 2018 @ oslo // barber seminars



full HAIRCUT - 60 min


Recommended for skin fades or clients who want consultation, full haircut service and styling. 2 washes included.



Recommended for business looks. Get your hair refreshed and tidy. 1 wash included.

buzz cut - 15 min


Recommended only for machine cut. Clipper-all-over. No wash.


trim (short / medium) - 15 min


Recommended for natural looks on short to medium lengths. No shave.

trim + line up (short / medium) - 30 min


Recommended for sharp looks on short to medium lengths. Hot towel shave in the outlines included.

trim (long) - 30 min


Recommended for long full beards (+5cm). No shave.

Full beard ritual - 45 min


Recommended for all types of beards. Trim, Line up, Wash and Styling.


Hot towel shave - 30 min


A traditional hot towel shave with straight razor. Like in the old times.

hot towel shave + massAge - 60 min


Recommended for special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries.

head shave - 30 min


No hair, just shave it!