The ambition of PelsPels is to resurrect what in Norway is a forgotten craft. Our barbers come from countries where barber education still exists and the tradition has been kept alive. We only work with the best, and each barber is carefully recruited by Lord Jack Knife, who himself is rated one of the best barbers in the world.

We don't have hairdressers at PelsPels, but barbers. A barber has his (or her) education from a barber academy, where you can learn the craft from master barbers. If you have tried straight razor shaving you would know that to master this is an art that requires precision and exercise, and several years of experience is needed to get the title as a “Barber”.  This is why we offer different prices for different barbers. Our menu spans from “Junior Barber”, which are barbers that are educated and recognized as ready to work as a barber, to “Master Barber”, the highest possible education level a barber can achieve. The latter requires several years of experience.

Our services include classic haircuts, beard trims, and more advanced treatments such as traditional hot towel shaves. We have tried to explain the different treatments on our website, but the conversation in the chair will always matter - individual requests and needs are prioritized. Have a look at our barbers and what the menu offers, and find something that suits your needs.


join us and become a barber!